The Route

British Orienteering Federation

Our Solution:
“The Route”


The governing body for the sport of orienteering needed a creative and affordable event initiative to attract newcomers to the sport of orienteering.

Whilst we pride ourselves and delivering industry-leading functional and logistical solutions for all aspects of sports event management, it is often our creative touch and inventive twists that appeal to our clients. It certainly did in this case with the British Orienteering Federation seeking delivery of three ‘mini’ orienteering festivals over the next 12 months. “O-GO” or Outdoor Gym Orienteering offers navigation with the ultimate outdoor workout whilst POT-O will be colourful to say the least. Think snooker. It’s orienteering with a twist.  Sounds like fun? You bet!


Early spring 2017 will see “The Route” showcase a fresh, contemporary face of the sport of orienteering with venues near London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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