Capita Challenge

Capita Challenge

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The Capita Challenge


As the UK’s leading outsourcing business providers, Capita wanted to engage in a more productive manner with their charity partners. We came up with a business-wide employee initiative called The Capita Challenge.

An annual event since 2008, teams of 4 take part in a four-hour, points-scoring challenge where fund-raising is rewarded along with the accomplishment of a heady and themed mix of mental and physical challenges.  The real skill lay in our ability to make all the activities fun, engaging and accessible for all levels of skill, fitness and sporting prowess.

Sourcing new, prestigious and Midlands-based venues every year, we provided challenge, entertainment, refreshment and an amazing scoring solution that allowed a perfectly choreographed and speedy finale to preceedings.


On average 300 participants every year. Literally hundreds of thousands of pounds raised. A unique opportunity for employees across diverse sections of the business, including internationally, to come together. An exemplary CSR case study combining creativity and longevity – the hallmarks of TrailPlus.

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