HellRunner: Punishment of the sole – redemption of the mind!


In 2004 leading adventure brand Salomon approached TrailPlus and challenged us to come up with a new mass-participation running challenge. Ask any runner to describe their favourite run and they will inevitably describe an off-road run. Ask UK running fans to describe their favourite off-road run and many will say HellRunner™

Using only natural terrain, HellRunner is famed for its signature elements. The Hills of Hell are, well, hellishly hilly. The only thing dry on offer at Lucifer’s Lido is our course designer’s humour and what more can be said of The Bog of Doom? Much copied, but never equalled, no other running event succeeds as much as HellRunner in putting sweat, mud and smiles on the face of our victims!


HellRunner is one of the UK’s most iconic running challenges attracting thousands of participants each year. It’s fame and notoriety has witnessed a number of premium brand sponsors, most latterly with Brooks whose global Run Happy campaign may well have been inspired by HellRunner itself. It’s not a race, it’s an experience. 

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