Land Rover G4 Challenge

Land Rover

G4 Global Adventure Challenge UK Selection Event


An iconic brand required an iconic challenge event comprising a range of 4x 4 driving tests, varied adventure challenges on foot, bike and water. Add in a dummy TV studio and specialist psychometric testing and one of the UK’s most testing and exhaustive selection challenges was delivered.   

The prize on offer was for the winner to be selected to represent the UK in a global Land Rover G4 challenge event that took places in the USA, Australia and South Africa over a 28 day period. For our part, we contributed to a multi-faceted weekend-long competition that whittled down the 50 short-listed candidates. This most prestigious of commissions coming as it did in our first year of business validated the highest quality of our craft, ingenuity and project management skills.


The UK winner, Tim Pickering, went on to win The Team Spirit Award at the global G4 Challenge event.

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