Strong Women Trek

Strong Women Trek

The Stylist Group

Strong Women Trek


The Stylist Group is a leading digital publisher and media platform with pioneering brand, Stylist. Stylist have created their own Strong Women brand for their successful, sophisticated, dynamic, and urban audience. Part of the strategic brand vision was the creation of new female-only walking challenges. Called, the Strong Women Trek, Stylist chose TrailPlus as their event delivery partner.


The inaugural Strong Women Trek event took place in September 2021 when 230 female participants undertook a 13-mile challenge walk along a north London section of the London Loop. From risk assessments to facility bookings, from licence and permit covid-proof applications to on-the-day support, TrailPlus had their reputed footprint all over this walk. TrailPlus has been appointed to help create, manage, and deliver two ‘close-to-London’ events for 2022.

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