Trail Plus

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Are you ready for the challenge of adventure?
Can you tackle the ultimate trail-running test?

Let TrailPlus take you off-road as we put smiles on your face, sweat on the brow and, occasionally, mud pretty much everywhere else!

Our acclaimed TrailPlus Adventure Challenge Series events are action-packed, multi-terrain and adrenaline-filled adventure journeys for teams of three. Ideal for those new to the world of adventure and all weekend warriors. Come and tackle this unique activity mix of trail running, mountain biking and kayak canoeing-with a few special extra challenges thrown in for good measure!

And then there is HellRunner™. To some it’s a race, but for everyone it’s an experience. Discover the truth behind the motto: “Punishment of the Sole….Redemption of the Mind”. TrailPlus -created, the Brooks HellRunner™ has now become one of the country’s most sought-after adventure-running events. You too can see why - take a look at the video. Caution! Contains scenes of adults having fun!

TrailPlus can help your company or business if seeking a broader employee-based activity challenge event. We are specialists in creating compelling, corporate challenges to test both mind and body and help build teams whatever the skill, fitness and experience-set of your employees.

Better to travel than arrive? TrailPlus knows so! Let us challenge you, but if you have a challenge for us call us now on 01457 855425.

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